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HB3/9005 Philips LUXEON ZES Headlight Kit - 4000 Lumens

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HB3/9005 Philips LUXEON ZES Headlight Kit - 4000 Lumens



This HB3/9005 Philips LUMILEDs LUXEON ZES Headlight Conversion Kit is a high quality and latest in innovation upgrade kit specifically designed to work with the majority of motor vehicles which don't have Xenon’s or LEDs fitted from the factory, this Generation 5 Philips LUXEON ZES Conversion Kit produces an excellent, if not like for like beam pattern and up to seven times more light than a standard factory fitted halogen bulb, which of course gives you a much more phenomenal and safe driving experience at night as well as a modern look and feel! 


This model is EXCLUSIVE to Horizon LEDs and boasts GENUINE Philips LumiLED chip modules, these kits produce an excellent crisp light beam, which perfectly reflects road markings and signs thanks to an impressive output of 4000 Lumens per bulb powered by Philips Generation 2 of LumiLEDs by Luxeon. This improvement in light output, and crisp clear beam pattern also aids in reacting to potential hazards much sooner. As opposed to Xenon HID Kits, there is no lag/warm up time with these therefore you get an instant and maximum brightness at the touch of a button. This too makes it great for main beam and fog light conversions too. 


What's more is that you can now change the beam pattern alignment & even the reversible base yourself, right from the comfort of your own home/garage/driveway! As default all of the Generation 5 kits come as 6500K fitted from the factory - as this is the most popular choice in todays aftermarket LED world as well as the most optimum for performance and visual styling! 


For the first time ever this generation of LED Headlight now have a total of 16 ZES LED chips (16 for dual polarity applications and 8 for single polarity) made by Philips Lumileds Luxeon; imported and built in Europe! We have been through rigorous testing of these kits and have worked very closely with our supplier in order to get this right the first time round. Please dont be confused with cheaper alternatives which claim to have extremely high number of lumens, as this is simply impossible and we know they are flooding the market right now too. You may want to refer to the Philips website to see what exactly the LED chips are capable of - feel free to drop us a message for more information on this. 


All our Philips LUMILEDS LUXEON ZES Headlight Conversion Kits use much lower power consumption than traditional halogen bulbs and contribute to saving energy as well as being environmentally friendly. These kits are designed to last an impressive 30,000+ hours. 


In particular this brand new model has been designed for vehicles which have space and/or fitment problems within the vehicles headlight cluster. With its innovative fanless and reversible heatsink design this product is a lot smaller and fitment friendly even in the tightest of spaces, without the loss in lumens output! Also ideal for motorcycle users, which can purchase this kit individually at a discounted price by simply getting in touch with us. 



Below are the key features of this Philips LUXEON ZES LED Headlight Kit: - 

Colour Choice - out of the box in 6500k (Pure Xenon White)

OEM Fitment – designed to fit just as factory bulbs, no cutting or splicing any wiring looms. 

Complete Kit - comes with x2 bulbs and x2 small LED drivers - thanks to the all in one design, ready to plug & play. 

Response Time - quicker ON/OFF response compared to traditional bulbs, Xenons and standard SMD LEDs. 

Light Output – market leading 4000 Lumens per each bulb, you cannot get higher than this guaranteed despite what you see on the web! 

Adjustable Base - base can be adjusted to ensure excellent beam focus for LH & RH drive vehicles.

Power & Efficiency – immense LED power from just 25W, along with 80% energy efficient savings. 

Lifespan – 30,000+ hours, thanks to the high quality Europe imported Philips LUXEON ZES. 

Technology - powered by x8/x16 Philips Luxeon ZES Chips (Generation 2), by Philips Lumileds.

Waterproof - 100% waterproof, bulbs & wiring - can be fully submerged into water! 

Cooling Technology - USA Imported Aluminium A380 with excellent thermal capabilities & innovative heat pipe, no more bulky add-on fans! 

Operating Temperatures - as little at -40°c and as high as +80°c. 

Resistor/Circuit Technologies - components sourced from TDK & Texas Instruments for the electrical circuit. 

Multi Fitment – can be used for anything with a HB3/9005, 12V-24V socket! 

CANBUS Friendly – designed to work with 99% of CANBUS related vehicles & tested on newer Audi & BMW models. 



Our Philips LUXEON & also Cree LED kits have been manufactured to the highest standards and quality, which involves UV cutting of the bulbs to prevent damage to your plastic lenses and even water submerge testing to make them not only water resistant but waterproof. These are very high quality LED kits and are not to be directly compared with cheaper alternatives mainly found on auction websites. 60% of our custom is from returning customers who have already tried and tested cheaper 'copies' from the web - especially auction and international sites.


This kit is also designed to work with vehicles, which have CANBUS systems and it has been specially designed for this purpose therefore it will not damage any of your vehicles electronic systems. Our digital ballasts and LED drivers have been exclusively manufactured with in built components and microprocessors, which allow 100% compatibility with any vehicle giving you the best looking OEM LED headlights at an affordable price without any error and warning messages. 


The simplest way to identify if your vehicle has a CANBUS system is to remove any external bulb and if a warning light displays on your dash then this is the correct kit for you. This will work with 99% of vehicles. If you require any assistance with CANBUS problems, please contact us as there is nearly always a solution to overcome any warning messages on the dash. 


Please note that due to the size of these bulbs you may find that fitment varies across the range of vehicles, therefore please check the measurements before purchase. If you are in any doubt in regards to compatibility then please contact us and we will always guide you to the correct product(s) for your vehicle.


This Philips LUXEON LED Headlight Conversion Kit comes with a 1-year warranty.

Ade keys on 27/09/2017
5 reviews
These are absolutly brilliant. As a night worker im often traveling to and from work in the dark on my motorbike. After fitting these as a full beam and the h7 version as a dipped beam i can honestly say they are incredible. It lights the road so well now I don't fear the rabbits and deer that often run into my path. Truly is the difference between night and day.
Johnny on 18/12/2016
5 reviews
Purchased this kit for BMW E39 high beam light. Easy to install and after re-coding LCM everything works great. Nice xenon white light,looks great with my 6000k xenon low beam lights.
Nick on 17/09/2016
5 reviews
I bought a pair of these to replace the pretty average halogen lights on my zx9r. Not only are they MUCH better for riding in the dark, but I've suddenly become far more visible in the daytime.. Essential on the M25! Highly recommended for any motorbikes.
Bryn on 16/06/2016
5 reviews
I purchased the headlight kit to improve the brightness over the standard halogen bulbs. This kit certainly does that. Whilst not the cheapest on the market, the quality of the product in terms of durability and build quality are second to none. Fitment is of OEM standard and the adjustable base gives additional fitment options. The kit itself is compact and very easy to install. The light produced is crisp and the 6500k colour choice matches the stock LED DRL’s. Would recommend.
L494DE on 08/06/2016
5 reviews
I got these to squeeze out the last candula from my existing headlights, and replaced the Cree XLamp MT-G2 LED Kit (also available at this shop), which is advertised with 3200 lm. All in all (at least im my headlamp setup) not a big difference, probably not worth the extra investment. Anyhow, just want to mention that this kit is slightly better at high beam, compared to the 3200 lm kit. This is btw in so far worth to mention as this kit has a 340 deg angle (led chips on both sides), the Cree kit 180 deg only. Both worked for me, a massive improvement over the stock halogen.

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