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1157 - BAY15D/P215W

1157 - BAY15D/P215W

Below you will find our range of the different 1157 - BAY15D/P215W LED bulbs which we stock. Please choose your desired bulb and/or specification (number of LEDs) for further information and options.


Bulb types 1156-BA15S/P21W and 1157-BAY15D/P215W are mainly used for brake, fog, indicator and reverse light functions.


The difference between 1156/BA15S & 1157/BAY15D is that 1157/BAY15D is a dual filament bulb that allows two functions from one bulb, such as a sidelight and brake light in one bulb or an indicator and parking light in one bulb. 1156/BA15S does not have this function.

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  This model of the 1157/BAY15D/P215W bulbs has a total of 18 SMD LEDs built into each bulb...
Based on 2 reviews.
Pre Order Only - stock due in around end of June 2019. Please only place an order with the discounts..
Based on 1 reviews.
  This model of the 1157/BAY15D/P215W LED bulbs has a total of 3 High Power SMD LEDs built i..
BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM PRODUCT! This new and exclusive model of 14K Gold 1157/BAY15D/P..