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Views: 31095 Product Code: T10-9LED-14K-GOLD-SC
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Now this is something you have all been waiitng for! A full demo/showcase of our Brand New & Latest 14K Gold Cree LED...

Posted by Horizon LEDs on Thursday, 25 June 2015


Pre Order Only - item will be in stock around mid October 2020. Please feel free to order and reserve your stock whilst benefiting from the current discount codes.


This new and exclusive model of 14K Gold T10/501/W5W High Power LED bulbs has a total of x9 Samsung 3623 LED Chips built into each bulb. 14K Gold is a brand new and innovative technology within the Automotive Lighting industry.

These T10/501/W5W LED bulbs have a 2.5mm in thickness PCB with a 1U Immersion Gold Layer - which is key to reducing defect rates in LED bulbs dramatically. These bulbs also benefit from ENIG Technology (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) giving you an extremely high precision product - the kind of technology you would find in premium keyboards.  

These LED bulbs are sold as a pair and are intended to be used for various purposes within your vehicle.These are designed to turn your current yellow/orange halogen bulbs into a crisp and clean white light, using minimal power thanks to the Samsung SMD LED technology.

These bulbs have a total of x9 High Power Samsung LEDs fitted around each bulb to ensure an even and maximum light output within your light cluster/housing - giving you the brightest levels of light output in all directions.

This particular model is great for applications where an even spread light is required, such as side/parking lights, boot lights, interior lights and now even number plate lights which are becoming more and more popular, as these are 100% CANBUS friendly it will work with any vehicle.

100% plug and play replacement for your current T10/501/W5W bulbs and will look excellent once installed. Remember these can be installed in various locations in and around your vehicle, from number plate lights, interior lights and even glove box/boot lights - and that's just to mention a few.


Below are the key features of this 14K Gold T10/501/W5W Wedge LED bulb: -


Colour – Pure Xenon White.

OEM Fitment – designed to fit just as factory bulbs, no cutting or splicing any wiring looms.

Power & Efficiency – power saving 9 High Power Samsung 3623 LEDs to work with 12V vehicles.

Lifespan – 50,000 hours, thanks to the high quality non-fading Samsung 3623 LEDs.

ENIG Technology - Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold.

Innovative Heat Sink - cooler functioning = longer life.

Innovative PCB - 2.5mm thick with 1U Immersion Gold Layer.

Multi Fitment – can be used with anything, which is equipped with a T10/501/W5W festoon type socket!

Super CANBUS Friendly - will work with all CANBUS equipped vehicles, no errors at all. Better used on more CANBUS prone vehciles.


All our 14K Gold LED bulbs have been manufactured to the highest standards using high quality components imported from the around the globe. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Ruud Bongers. 24345 on 22/03/2020
14 reviews
I bought the 14K gold LED lights for my Volvo S80, really great!! Gives a beautiful modern look at the car. The combination xenon is real nice. But the LED’s are so bright, you can also use them alone. Best Buy!
Mark on 27/09/2019
14 reviews
Absolutely brilliant, as bright as some Halogens! Look well alongside my LED conversion, you will not be disappointed with these!
Arthur on 25/02/2019
14 reviews
I fitted these leds to my Volvo XC70 after I found out during xenon replacement that one of the daytime running lights (DRL) was not working anymore. Both of my DRL are now the same color as my xenon headlights. These leds are so bright that I use them without additional Xenon during the day. My friends are really impressed with the result. Good buy with the new year coupon horizonleds had available on their homepage. Thank you horizonleds!
Jasper on 15/08/2018
14 reviews
They run like a champ, excellent customer support using whatsapp. I bought 2-pair.
Ramsay Zenati on 07/01/2018
14 reviews
Bought these bulbs for my FD2. Excellent bulbs with great brightness and a nice white color to them which makes it stand out from the rest. Thanks

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