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Buy CREE LED Bulbs

Have you heard of CREE LED Bulbs? CREE is a market-leading USA based company that provides innovative lighting products, including of course LEDs, for a wide range of applications. Here at Horizon LEDs, in line with our ambition to be one of the leading providers of LED bulbs for cars, we stock a wide range of CREE LED bulbs imported directly from the USA and converted into car bulbs!


Whether you want Bayonet, Fog Light or Wedge LEDs, we have several different options. Bayonet LEDs are available in types 1156-BA15S/P21W and 1157-BAY15D/P215W. Both these can be used in Brake, Fog, Indicator and Reverse lights. The difference between the two is that the 1157/BAY15D is a dual filament bulb, which allows you to use one bulb for two functions.


The Wedge CREE LEDs come in four different bulb types. T10-501/W5W and T15-194/W16W are usually used for sidelights, although they can also be used for Number Plates and Interior Lights. The other two bulb types, T20-7440 and T20-7443, can be used for Brake, Fog, Indicator and Reverse Lights. Again, the 7443 is a dual filament bulb.


CREE LED are also developing a NEW 2014 edition of LED Bulbs designed to be used for your head lights. They will be on their way shortly once testing is complete, so keep an eye on our website to make sure that you don’t miss out!


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