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If your car is your pride and joy and you like to customise and modify your vehicle to make it more personalised, then the addition of Xenon HID Bulbs and LEDs will undoubtedly help to make your car a real statement about your personality and tastes, and ensure that your vehicle stands out from the crowd. For the very best selection of Xenon HID Bulbs and LEDs at very competitive prices there is no better place to shop than leading online retailer Horizon LEDs:


Horizon LEDs was founded through a passion for modifying vehicle lighting applications, wanting to bring to fellow enthusiasts an unrivalled choice of Xenon HID Bulbs, HID Kits and LED customisation products, the like of which was not previously available.


The team at Horizon LEDs have worked hard to source a vast selection of all types of top quality Xenon Bulbs, HID Kits & LEDs from suppliers across the globe for their valued customers. They stock Xenon HID Bulbs & HID Kits in 35W or 55W and also HID replacement bulbs for aftermarket customisation, and OEM HID replacement bulbs for factory fitted applications.  They also offer full Xenon HID Conversion Kits in both 35W and 55W in CANBUS or NON CANBUS for cars, trucks, and motorbikes that can be used to totally transform your headlight system into a real statement feature on your vehicle.


Many of the Xenon HID Bulbs, LEDs and HID Conversion Kits that Horizon LEDs offer on their website are totally bespoke products and are therefore of the highest quality and some are even backed by a unique warranty covering up to 2 years of use for your total peace of mind. 


So if you are looking for the very best in Xenon Bulbs why not visit the website of Horizon LEDs or for some expert advice on vehicle modification use the contact form on their website for our query:, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.