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Views: 20279 Product Code: H8-CREE-45W-CONE
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
2 or more £19.95
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*PRE ORDER ONLY - this Cree LED bulb is on back order and is due to be delivered by the end of February 2019 due to high popularity and demand during our Sales event. Please only place an order if you are happy to wait for this to be delivered.



This H8 Reflective Cone Style Cree LED Fog Light bulb has an output wattage of 45W, currently the highest wattage availabe within the Cone Style range. CREE LEDs are the brightest LED bulbs currently available on the market and really are a true innovation within the automotive industry.

This particular CREE LED model is designed to fit in H8 sockets and comes fitted with a total of x9 CREE LED chips along with a projector lens for that additional LED brightness at a much greater distance than ever before!

This bulb also has CREE LEDs fitted to the sides of each bulb to ensure maximum light output within your light cluster/housing, it also features 2 back to back relective cones which give the same lighting effect as a OEM halogen filament bulb, making your vehilce stand out with Pure White LEDs and yet keeping the OEM look & feel.

This is a plug and play replacement for your current H8 bulb and this LED colour is available in PURE XENON WHITE, giving you the ultimate shine on the road. Although this Reflective Cone CREE LED bulb is designed to be used with H8 Fog Lamps, it is not limited to this; essentially it can be used with any H8 socket base. Also don’t forget there are discounts available when you purchase more than one of these CREE LED bulbs, across the complete CREE LED range.


Below are the key features of this H8 Reflective Cone CREE LED bulb: -

Colour Options – Pure Xenon White.

OEM Fitment – designed to fit just as factory bulbs, no cutting or splicing any wiring looms.

Reflective Cones - designed to give you a matching OEM (halogen) light output thanks to the x2 in-built reflective cones.

Response Time - quicker ON/OFF response compared to traditional bulbs and LEDs.

Power & Efficiency – immense LED power of 45W along with energy efficiency savings.

Lifespan – 50,000 hours, thanks to the high quality USA imported CREE chips.

Multi Fitment – can be used for anything with a H8, 12V socket!

CANBUS Friendly* – designed to work with majority of CANBUS related vehicles.


All our CREE LED bulbs have been manufactured to the highest standards using high quality CREE components imported from the USA.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty.


*This bulb is designed and manufactured to work with CANBUS related vehicles, but we must stress that some vehicles, no matter how CANBUS friendly the bulbs are, they will always throw up errors on the dash or cause the bulb to flicker. If this is the case with your vehicle then a resistor kit is the only solution for you to enjoy these LEDs. Please see our ‘Accessories’ section for our simple and effective CREE LED resistor kit solutions.

Miguel Rodrigues on 18/06/2019
10 reviews
Bought a pair of this Excellent LED lights to fit my Seat Leon ST. Got no errors and was just plug n play. Now the car with this WHITE lights (headlights and foglights) looks way way better, with the lights matching. Very pleased with the business.
Dan Chambers on 28/02/2019
10 reviews
Bought these to replace the standard fog light bulbs in my 2015 seat leon mk3 perfect match for the LED headlights as others have said and they don't throw up any error codes or warnings on the dash. Ordered these bulbs when they were in the black Friday sale for a great price even though I knew they were back ordered and finally received them on the 23rd of February, for anyone thinking about buying them just do it you won't regret it!
Michael Robertson on 18/06/2018
10 reviews
Bought these for my Mk3 leon to replace the standard fog light bulbs! They are a perfect match for the LED headlights! Great product!
Michael Robertson on 17/06/2018
10 reviews
Bought these to replace the standard yellow foglight bulbs on my SEAT Leon mk3. Perfect match for the LED headlights. Great product!
Paul on 07/12/2017
10 reviews
Bought a pair of these to replace the front fogs on my 2016 model Skoda Superb estate. The originals were yellow and didn't match the HID headlamps. These do so look much better. After first fitting them, the car flagged up an error to say the left hand fog lamp wasn't working. It was but the warning wouldn't go away. Yesterday, I swapped the bulbs over and the error message went away and hasn't come back. Very pleased with how the car looks now. The light output seems fine and is certainly much brighter than the old halogens. Can't really comment on how well the bulbs would do in fog as we don't seem to get much of that these days and I don't do that much driving in the dark anyway.

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