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BMW 3 Series E90, E91 & E92 Complete Interior LED Pack

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Views: 67844 Product Code: BMW-E9X-14CLP
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BMW 3 Series E90, E91 & E92 Complete Interior LED Pack


This is a complete Interior LED Kit for the majority of BMW E90, E91 & E92 models and comes complete with each & every bulb you need for an interior complete LED overhaul.

This Interior LED kit is designed to transform your BMW's interior lighting from those factory fitted dull yellowish bulbs to a crisp, bright and pure white LED light. This simple, plug and play modification will really improve your vehicles interior appearance & aesthetics. Not only do the interior LEDs look great, they also offer a warmth and welcoming feeling each time you enter the vehicle. What's more is that they hardly use any power compared to the standard halogens, offering you an efficient yet effective solution!

After thorough research into the different types of LED bulbs available, we are now able to offer this complete package for all the different BMW E9X models out there which will save you money as opposed to buying each and every bulb separately. This is a very easy and simple modification that should not take longer than 20 minutes even for a beginner, and of course we are always here to help in case you need us. Just contact us by clicking here.


This kit comes in two available options, models fitted without the BMW Lighting Package and models fitted with the BMW Lighting Package. Below are further details of this, please make your selection based on this: -

E90, E91 & E92 Models without Factory Fitted BMW Lighting Pack (x8 Bulbs)

x1 Front Courtesy Light

x2 Front Map Lights

x1 Rear Courtesy Light

x2 Rear Map Lights

x1 Glove Box Light

x1 Boot/Trunk Light


E90, E91 & E92 Models with Factory Fitted BMW Lighting Pack (x14 Bulbs)

In addition to the above, the models fitted with the BMW Lighting Pack come with the following: -

x2 Door Card/Puddle Lights (for this, we supply our 9 LED CANBUS T10/501 Bulbs)

x2 Front Footwell Lights (for this, we supply our 9 LED CANBUS T10/501 Bulbs)

x2 Mirror/Vanity Lights


E92 Models with Factory Fitted BMW Lighting Pack (x18 Bulbs)

In addition to the above, the models fitted with the BMW Lighting Pack come with the following: -

x4 Rear Footwell Lights (2 on each side of rear centre console, T5 Bulbs) 


All our bulbs will be CANBUS Compatible & Error Free. These will work perfect with any BMW and will not cause CANBUS Errors or radio interference as such. Although interior lights do not throw up warning errors, they are still linked to the vehicles CANBUS systems therefore it is always advised to use CANBUS bulbs, which this kit consists of. For models with the factory fitted BMW Lighting Pack, you will receive a brighter 9 LED T10/501 bulb for your Door Card/Puddle & Front Footwell Lights, to give you a much brighter light as the housing for these bulbs will accommodate a longer bulb. Please note that cheaper alternatives on the web may not offer this.


This package comes with a 1-year warranty on all the bulbs included.

Alfaman on 20/05/2021
28 reviews
Bought these with the lighting pack for my BMW E92. Apart from the dome lights, all the rest were easy to fit - as other reviews have mentioned, the festoon bulbs are not long enough and the light terminals have to be bent inwards to accommodate the shorter LED festoons. Not a problem. The dome lights were not easy to fit though - I think because they are very slightly thicker than the originals and very difficult to push in. Couldn't get one map light in after struggling for 45 mins and finally gave up. Hence the 4 star rating.
Andrew sheriff on 15/03/2020
28 reviews
The main point here is that your getting a product you know will work. No errors codes or faults on these at all, much brighter and better than standard bulbs. Delivery was quick and product was well packaged to avoid damage in transit. I will be back when upgrading my exterior lights.
Mat Davies on 17/02/2020
28 reviews
Led bulbs fitted to an E93 LCI. Whilst not all bulbs were correct fitments (my fault as the listing doesn't say E93!), the ones I did fit to the map reading lights and the footwells look brilliant and modernise the car without giving a "chav-like" appearance
Dan Booth on 20/01/2020
28 reviews
Bought these lights for my e90 BMW. I went for the full kit which includes bulbs for every interior light on the car. The package came very well packed, all the bulbs were in special individual foil sealed packets. Nice little touch. The lights look great and make the car feel 10 years newer. The only little irritation I did have was with the festoon bulbs (the long tube like bulbs with a metal cap each end), the led's are set on a flat plate across the bulb, but there is nothing stopping them from spinning once installed, meaning they tend to vibrate round and face the wrong way. Also they are about 2-3mm too short, meaning you have to bend the terminals a bit in order to get them to stay put. This is only a minor thing that I'm probably being petty about, and for this reason I won't be dropping any stars and would still rate this a 5 star product.
Richard on 17/12/2019
28 reviews
Very quick efficient service, leds fit with no problems. Great upgrade for the price.

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