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PLEASE NOTE - due to high demand and popularity this BMW Angel Eye LED kit is on back order and is due to be delivered by mid-December 2018. We have marked this item as 'in stock' so customers can benefit fom the current discount codes. 


This 40W H8 Extreme High Power CREE LED Bulb Kit is specially designed for your BMW Angel Eyes. If you have a BMW, which has factory fitted Angel Eyes then this is the ultimate kit for your pride and joy. These are the most brightest Angel Eye LEDs you will every find on the market. Dont be fooled by bright versions which are still halogen based, you will never get a clean, crisp white light from any halogen bulb, LEDs are the only way forward.

Factory fitted Angel Eyes are very commonly yellow and dull in their colour, appearance and aesthetics. The purpose of this Extreme High Power CREE LED Bulb Kit is to give your BMW Angel Eyes a distinct look, resulting in a crisp, clear and fine white LED light, and with it being an Extreme CREE LED this ensures the maximum brightness at an output of 40W. 

This simple plug and play 10-minute modification can really transform the look of your BMW by giving it that modern and mean look. These bulbs are very simple to fit and will not require any technical knowledge, the OEM design ensures a simple twist and lock fitment.


Below are the models of BMW, which this bulb kit will fit perfectly into: -

BMW 1 Series – E87 (2007+)

BMW 3 Series Coupe - E92 (2006 - 2010)

BMW 3 Series Cabriolet - E93 (2006 - 2010)

BMW 3 Series LCI (Factory Xenon) - E90 (2009 - 2012)

BMW 5 Series LCI – (2008 - 2010) B

MW 6 Series – E63 & E64, E63 M6 & E64 M6 (2008+)

BMW X1 Series (Factory Xenon) – E84 (2010+)

BMW X5 Series (Pre-LCI & Factory Xenon) – E70 (2007 - 2011)

BMW X6 Series – E71 (2008+)

BMW X5M Series – E70 (2008+)

BMW X6M Series – E71 (2008+)

BMW Z4 Series – E89* (2009+)

*If you are unsure of your correct fitment (especially E89 customers), please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Below you will find the key features of this 40W H8 Extreme High Power CREE LED Bulb Kit: -

Plug & Play - easy installation, no need to cut wires etc.

OEM Fitment – exact OEM specification meaning it will fit just as perfect as your current bulbs.

CREE LED Extreme Bright – equipped with quality USA imported LED’s to match factory Xenons, 5/6000K.

Easy Install – no need to remove headlamps CANBUS Error – no error or warning messages, giving it a OEM fitment.

Interference Free – bulbs will not interfere with your FM radio equipment as with majority of other bulbs.

Thermal Control – innovative 40W aluminum heat sink, no overheating, waterproof & shockproof.

Automatic Cooling Fan - innovative cooling fan design helps prolong the life of the LEDs.

Complete Kit – comes with the full kit in order to convert both headlamps on your BMW.

100% Road Legal - fully CE & E-Marked Approved.


This product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Dazzer on 01/12/2016
17 reviews
So much better looking on my E92 M3 than stock and many other after market products. Only issue was I couldn't get my hand in to fit them due to the fan on the back, took my BMW dealer 2 hours in the end as the headlamp needed to be removed to allow fitment, overall cost nearly £300 fitted which is quite pricey! However a very nice looking product and would buy again
Nick Cooper on 07/08/2016
17 reviews
Simply an excellent product! Easy to fit and looks outstanding. Takes years off my E92 330d. Highly recommended to any potential buyer.
Song on 08/06/2016
17 reviews
Looks great on my E61, white a brighter colour suits the xenon main beam well. No instruction included bu plenty of youtube videos you can follow. Took me about 30 minutes to replace both LEDs however if I have got smaller hands I can get it done even quicker. Nicely designed and with built in fan and LC circuit to stop the day light running light error on idrive. Recommended.
Dominic on 05/06/2016
17 reviews
Fast delivery and great customer service and support. The led lights have made a huge difference from the standard dull yellow angel eyes to a crisp white light bringing the car up to date similar to the LCI model.
Adam on 21/10/2015
17 reviews
Fast delivery and the item was well packaged. First thoughts are that the bulbs are a lot better built than most of the ones you find on ebay. Integrated fans being an added benefit. Not the easiest to fit into a BMW E93, but after a little persistence they go in no problems. Second bulb installed in a minute or so, after learning the best way to do it from the first bulb. Light output is really nice. Pure white light without a hint of yellow/blue/purple. So far so good.

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