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1156/BA15S/P21W - CREE LED 5W

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Views: 13201 Product Code: 1156-CREE-5W
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1156/BA15S/P21W - CREE LED 5W


This 1156/BA15S/P21W Cree LED bulb has an output wattage of 5W. CREE LEDs are the brightest LED bulbs currently available on the market and really are a true innovation within the automotive industry.

This particular CREE LED model is designed to fit in sockets 1156/BA15S/P21W and comes fitted with a CREE LED chip along with a projector lens for that additional LED brightness at a much greater distance than ever before!

This is a plug and play replacement for your current 1156/BA15S/P21W bulb and the LED colours are available in PURE XENON WHITE, RED & AMBER. If this is to be used as a brake light we recommend purchasing the RED option, if this is to be used as an indicator bulb then we recommend purchasing the AMBER option, and don’t forget you will receive additional discounts for purchasing more than one CREE LED bulb across the whole range.


Below are the key features of this 1156/BA15S/P21W CREE LED bulb: -

Colour Options – available in Pure Xenon White, Red & Amber.

OEM Fitment – designed to fit just as factory bulbs, no cutting or splicing any wiring looms.

Response Time  - quicker ON/OFF response compared to traditional bulbs and LEDs.

Power & Efficiency – LED power of 5W along with energy efficiency savings, to be used with 12V applications.

Lifespan – 50,000 hours, thanks to the high quality USA imported CREE chips.

Multi Fitment – can be used for Brake, Fog, Indicator and Reverse lights, basically anything with a 1156/BA15S/P21W socket!

CANBUS Friendly* – designed to work with majority of CANBUS related vehicles.


All our CREE LED bulbs have been manufactured to the highest standards using high quality CREE components imported from the USA. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.


*This bulb is designed and manufactured to work with CANBUS related vehicles, but we must stress that some vehicles, no matter how CANBUS friendly the bulbs are, they will always throw up errors on the dash or cause the bulb to flicker. If this is the case with your vehicle then a resistor kit is the only solution for you to enjoy these LEDs. Please see our ‘Accessories’ section for our simple and effective CREE LED resistor kit solutions.

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